Sunday, April 15, 2012

Watch Mayweather vs. Cotto Online

Here we go again boxing fans! We are all waiting for another action packed boxing event on May 5, 2012 as Mayweather vs Cotto is happening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Hopefully this wont go something bad as what we have watched Mayweather-Ortiz before.

As you can see in their official poster, both fighters are quite serious. Aren't they? I respect Miguel Cotto a lot with his previous and successful fights. He has the spirit and will to win. He respects his opponents as well. But with Mayweather? I think many are hoping that he could score a defeat. He talks a lot and he plays dirty inside the ring. What more outside it? Huh!

Let us just all watch Mayweather vs Cotto on the 5th of May. Let us all cheers for them as we can expect different kind of night with this boxing event. You can also wait and watch Canelo vs Mosly as one of the undercards.