Friday, May 6, 2011

Forever Alone: Mosley Needs to Take Hold of The Title or Else…

Dragging Manny Pacquiao into the chasms of Shane Mosley’s list of knockout victims is just breathtaking to the former three-division legend who deals with his ace on the 7th of May, the big day which he makes one milestone of a crucial bid to dethrone the defending champion for his current WBO welterweight belt. Seems financially mouth-watering, considering it’s a paycheck worth more than a million bucks, courtesy of a huge chunk of ancillary earnings.

Is that pot of gold enough to spark that energy of a challenge drawing Shane Mosley to a mind-boggling upset of the favored boxing king? Is it ample to shake ground for the current pound for pound sensation?

One thing for sure, Sugar Shane Mosley really needs to halt Manny Pacquiao or he’s dead meat. That’s his lone and probably sure way into victory. This is the only way because Manny is just too nimble and sleek for Mosley.

Pundits suggest the Sugarman has a serious chance of beating the Pacman owing to his workmanlike versatility. Apart from the fact that he is just as comfy as an easy welterweight, he doesn’t even have weight problems, and no extra pounds t take out of his flab, and no sweat at all.
But even if he’s from California, no one will definitely bail the American out if he can’t pull off the trigger in this Russian roulette of boxing.

If Sugar Shane Mosley would be able to defeat the Saranggani puncher from the Philippines, certainly, he’ll be larger than life when he wins the belt once and for all. But as long as he doesn’t have the strength, endurance, and power to hold it up against Manny Pacquiao, he’ll be mashed potatoes before the 12-round bout ends.

Most spectators have their own inkling of who will win, better than not, there’s nothing to lock horns about at this time of the week. Saturday is near and all you have to do is clear out the signal off your cable tvs or subscribe to the most convenient pay per views, and just go on and enjoy the rest of the show on May 7.

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