Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sugar Shane Mosley's Career Highlights

Shane Mosley is just a good and Great fighter coming to fight the unbeaten Mayweather who talks too much about his greatness. Shane with total fights of 52: Wins 46, Wins by KO 39, Losses 5, No contests 1 will try his skills to outshine the fighter in the being of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Mosley started a good career fight in defeating Oscar Dela Hoya with a split decision victory in their June 17, 2000 fight. This brawl was shined as his first signature fight and continued in beating Dela Hoya once again in their second fight that happened September 13, 2003 now with a unanimous decision victory.

Then he had also faced the bigger Wright whom in the early rounds already slaughtered the smaller Shane Mosley. Shane is never comfortable fighting the bigger and more physical Wright ending for the latter to win in a unanimous decision.

Mosley’s fights with Vargas added a great record for him to be called as an elite fighter on his prime. Until such time he emerged to fight the undefeated Miguel Cotto and lost in a unanimous decision.

Watch the video below to see Sugar Shane Mosley on his quest to regain respect on his legacy as an elite fighter fighting whoever comes on his way. This Mayweather vs Mosley Fight happening on the May 1st this 2010 will once more test his ever skilled boxing career.

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