Friday, October 22, 2010

Pacquiao vs Mayweather - Arum still into it

The big boss and promoter Bob Arum feels that Manny Pacquiao is better off if he moves back down to welterweight next year rather than continuing to fight at junior middleweight and above. In article by Michael Marley at examiner, Arum says “It’s just too much size difference fighting these bigger guys. Freddie [Roach] and Alex [Ariza] were telling me Manny will weigh in at 149 or 150 and then not add much weight after that so not to lose any of his phenomenal speed. But they stressed they don’t want Manny stretching it like this after this fight. Manny will fight twice in the new year. We’re looking at a May bout with or without [Floyd] Mayweather. Who knows how his legal problems will play out so we don’t count on Floyd. But, like Freddie and Alex told me, from here on out Manny will stick to the welterweight division.”

That figures. What about Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez? Isn’t Pacquiao at least going to fight the best junior middleweights rather than Margarito, who isn’t the best. What that’s the whole point in fighting Margarito for another paper title if you’re not going to allow Pacquiao to fight guys like Williams or Martinez. Well, if Arum wants Pacquiao only to fight at welterweight, I don’t see any problem with Pacquiao fighting Martinez and Williams if they can melt down to that weight. I think they both can do it with the money that’s on the line for the fight. It’s certainly better to see Pacquiao fight those guys than watching him travel down the same old road and fight Miguel Cotto again.

I don’t want to see them fight again. It was a mismatch the first time around and it won’t be any more competitive the second time around. As for Mayweather, I’d like to see him fight Pacquiao in 2011, but like Arum says, there’s no telling whether Mayweather will be able to until he gets on top of his legal problems. I think Mayweather could easily do it, and with the pressure on him to make even more money, I think he would do really well. Mayweather is able to multitask and I think he could still beat Pacquiao with ease no matter what else he had on his mind at the time. I honestly think Mayweather could beat Pacquiao while watching television on the background, having conversation on the phone and having a bowl of cereal. That how good Mayweather is. Arum might be sorry if Mayweather does fight Pacquiao in May and ends up schooling him badly and ending the gravy train.

If Mayweather can’t fight Pacquiao, then I’d like to see Pacquiao matched against Williams or Martinez instead of Cotto again. I already know who the other opponents going to be for Pacquiao. It’s going to be Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. I can’t even begin to understand that fight, and I bet it will be another fight that goes for $55 or more. Can you imagine paying $55 to watch Pacquiao fight Chavez Jr.? I hope I’m wrong, but that’s who I see Pacquiao facing next year, along with Cotto again.

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