Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Legend and Champion: Manny Pacquiao at his Best

At a glance, the possibility of witnessing Pacquiao lock punches with Mosley was somehow a bit of a disappointment. There’s no compelling reason to watch the welterweight and p-for-p champion throw punches with an opponent who is already on the verge of the end of his career and whose last two fights were way too tacky.

Fans and experts alike speculate that watching Pacquiao fight against Juan Manuel Marquez would have been really cool, the fighter who everyone thought was the most complicated opponent for Pacquiao and was feared to have nearly thrown him to the twilight of defeat. Pacquiao went down to 140lbs just to make the face-off between him and Marquez a reality, and as expected; Pacquiao emerged as the champion, not only because of his stamina and endurance in the ring but also because of his big heart and bargaining power. Recall how Marquez challenged the People’s Champ, the challenger should have been the one who should adjust to the demands of the one that he challenged, it’s awkward the other way around. But being a Filipino, Pacquiao managed to come up with a weight that will equal that of Marquez. This is the true deed of a hero.

A month away from the big match, I think it’s still worth the thing to watch the Pacquiao vs Mosley face-off. It may sound a bit haughty and ingenious but we should come to terms that Mosley will soon be a picture to hang on the wall of Hall of Fame awardees alongside other Pacquiao victims such as Marquez, Morales, Cotto, Hatton, de la Hoya, and Barrera. It does not mean we’ll be giving Mosley the thumbs down but that title means Mosley deserves a good match against Pacquiao, as he is a strong contender. Much to my delight and loyalty to Manny Pacquiao, if he wins and lulls Mosley to a KO, then those unworthy to speculate and criticize claiming the People’s Champ avoids Black American fighters will hush their trash talks. With these reasons, I still think May 7 will be a big day, and a good fight between the two champions will always be applauded and remembered, like a trapped mosquito on amber.

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