Friday, April 22, 2011

Rematch for Pacquiao vs Mosley as Viewed by Koncz

Manny Pacquiao’s adviser, Michael Koncz recently said in one interview that if the 39-year old Sugar Shane Mosley who is a native of Pomona, California, who will face Pacquiao on May 7 at MGM Grand, gives it a try, perhaps the two fighters may even be on for a rematch on November 2011. This is one nasty thought because as we all know, that unless Mosley beats the consciousness out of Pacquiao, chances are, he might give up fighting in the end as he is hours from a receding hairline with his fast approaching 40th year. I really don’t see much of a good point that a rematch may be incurred later on this year between the two fighters.

I just would like reiterate that if Mosley gives a gossiped rematch a chance, it would be pointless. Why would it have a point anyway? Unless Mosley still has a voracious stamina for the ring, which many believes is quite faltering, I’d rather see Pacquiao stand up for one face-to-face with Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr, who is one sturdy and haughty kind of fighter. Or maybe another boxing bomb likes Sergio Martinez for example.

Here’s what Koncz has to say regarding the Pacquiao vs Mosley rematch (if it happens): “We might be looking at a November rematch if it goes 12 rounds and Mosley fights as strong and as hard as we expected.”

Well, I think Koncz is quite sure of what he is talking about. Silly to think of it but a rematch between Pacquiao and Mosley later on in the year would mean another boring, yawn and sleep-inducing match, if ever that happens. If they lower the price, for instance, say 95%, then I guess it will be one good fight as it is. Heck, it’s like watching the encore of a one-night only broadway! What are these people thinking anyway?

On the other hand, seeing Pacquiao rather fight with Andre Berto as long as Berto doesn’t get beaten up by Victor Ortiz this coming Saturday, that thing would help. And boxing fans won’t be wary of another boring fight. Also, it would be more than a thrill to watch Manny Pacquiao exchange knuckles with say, Marcos Maidana or Kelly Pavlik, they’re good as well. Well, as a matter of fact, there’s nothing we can do good about it, let us just wait and see what happens on May 7, if your bets really make you happy, or you thinkg your bets will just look like a bummer.

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